Dr.Toy - Turtle Sandbox
Turtle Sandbox

MGA Entertainment

The Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox is the perfect outdoor toy to help kids be creative and active. The classic turtle sandbox comes fully equipped with child seating. It’s a great addition to any backyard and easy to clean. 
This is perfect sturdy play product for back or front yard. It doesn't take up a lot of space. It offers a large area for sand play. The shell shaped lid is easy to move. When closed, it holds numerous toys inside with the sand and keeps everything dry. Its durable and well-designed and the separate top closes for cleanliness and safety. Children love to create with sand play and this turtle is just right as a starter for one preschooler or two toddlers. Three bags of sand fill the sandbox.

Types: AE OP

12m - 6y
Key to toy types

AD – Accessory/Decor
AE – Active Toy
AP – Activity Product
AC – Arts & Crafts
BA – Bath
BG – Board Game
BK – Book
CG – Card Game
CO – Construction Toy
CS – Costume
CP – Creative Product
CT – Cultural
DD – Digital Disc
DO – Doll
DH – Dollhouse
ES – Educational Skills
EG – Electronic Game
EL – Electronic Product
CE – Entertainment
EQ – Equipment
FP – Fantasy Play
GE – Game
GN – Green Product
HM – Handmade
HO – Hobby
IN – Internet/Virtual
LG – Language
MA – Math
MM – Multimedia
ML – Musical
NO – Novelty
OT – Other
OP – Outdoor Play
PL – Plush Toy
PT – Pool Toy
PU – Puppet
PZ – Puzzle
RS – Rubber Stamp
SC – Science
SR – Socially Responsible
SW – Software
CR – Technology
TY – Toy
TS – Transportation
TR – Travel Item
VG – Video Game
WT – Wooden Toy
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XB – 10 Best Building
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XS – 10 Best Social
XI – 10 Best Technology
XT – 10 Best Toys