Dr.Toy - School House Play Tent
School House Play Tent

DT Learning Products

Your child will enjoy many imaginary school days, as a teacher, a student, the principal, or even the librarian. Young minds will stay engaged with the replaceable poster cards. Child can change the learning center with easy wipe-off sign. The tent-pole construction—sets up in minutes (adult assembly required) andncludes a nylon bag for convenient storage. There are many other features included. Large size, movable clock hands, transparent pocket for sign cards on both sides, slot to insert books or papers, double-sided wipe-off sign card, Contents summary: 1 Play Tent Covering, 12 Tent Pole Assemblies, 6 Pole Connectors, 5 Double-Sided Sign Cards, 1 Wipe-Off Sign Card, 1 Instructions, 1 Storage Bag. Many benefits including Fosters imaginary role-playing with many developmental benefits. Develops vocabulary and language skills. Develops recall as children recreate scenes from their memory. Practice solving problems from real life scenarios. Children can develop their own conclusions. Encourages children to explore, investigate, and experiment. Provides a safe haven to act out and discuss real life issues. Children can gain an understanding of life in the real world through discovery and deductive reasoning. Helps children understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Gives children control, which builds responsibility and self esteem. Helps children understand the adults in their life better. Supports the development of executive functioning skills. Children learn to empathize. Children can develop their own personality. With its large size, encourages social play, with its many development benefits: Develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Learn to listen. Learn to negotiate roles and activities. Learn to control impulses. Share and respect the opinions of others. Learn to express feelings. Exercises the imagination and develops creative thinking. Helps children gain an understanding of school life. Learn how to tell time with a clock. Learn a variety of early learning concepts from the signs, including: Alphabet. Upper and lower case letters. Numerals. Counting. Colors. Days of the week. Fruits. Solar System. Reading a graph. Reading a time schedule. Types of nutritious food. Components of a meal. Weather and temperature. World map, with continents and oceans. Compass directions. Positive character traits. Test vision and color detection. Wipe-off signs encourage development of artistic ability.

Types: CH FP

3y - 10y
Key to toy types

AD – Accessory/Decor
AE – Active Toy
AP – Activity Product
AC – Arts & Crafts
BA – Bath
BG – Board Game
BK – Book
CG – Card Game
CO – Construction Toy
CS – Costume
CP – Creative Product
CT – Cultural
DD – Digital Disc
DO – Doll
DH – Dollhouse
ES – Educational Skills
EG – Electronic Game
EL – Electronic Product
CE – Entertainment
EQ – Equipment
FP – Fantasy Play
GE – Game
GN – Green Product
HM – Handmade
HO – Hobby
IN – Internet/Virtual
LG – Language
MA – Math
MM – Multimedia
ML – Musical
NO – Novelty
OT – Other
OP – Outdoor Play
PL – Plush Toy
PT – Pool Toy
PU – Puppet
PZ – Puzzle
RS – Rubber Stamp
SC – Science
SR – Socially Responsible
SW – Software
CR – Technology
TY – Toy
TS – Transportation
TR – Travel Item
VG – Video Game
WT – Wooden Toy
XA – 10 Best Active
XD – 10 Best Audio/DVD
XB – 10 Best Building
XK – 10 Best Children's
XC – 10 Best Creative
XE – 10 Best Educational
XG – 10 Best Games
XS – 10 Best Social
XI – 10 Best Technology
XT – 10 Best Toys